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FIREMAN SERVICE GROUP Service and Maintenance of Marine Fire Fighting Equipment,Annual,Bi-Annual Inspection with INSTALLATION Fixed Co2 system,Fixed Dry powder system,Fixed Foam systemand Fire Alarm system

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Fire Nozzles

Multi Purpose fire nozzles
Three Position Fire hose Nozzles.
Code : 000060
Three position fire hose nozzles combine the features of straight stream and fog nozzles. The lever can position to a choice of straight stream or fog spray.When the lever is in the fog position.
Uni Fire hose Nozzle(Jet/Fog Type)
Code : 000061
Uni Fire hose Nozzles Available size 1.5",2" and 2.5"(Brass) The Uni fire hose nozzles is a straight nozzle with an adjustable tip,Brass constructed uni spray nozzles are design for Str
Multi Purpose Nozzles
Code : 000087
Multipurpose Nozzle (Brass/Aluminium Alloy) Available in 1.5",2.0" and 2.5"

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